My daughter, 15 had some sessions with Pauline. Pauline was amazing with her, understood her and made her feel very at ease. Pauline taught her a few strategies to deal with her anxiety. Even after a couple of sessions, I saw a huge difference in her confidence. She has just recently sat her exams and used some of the strategies on the lead up to them, which helped her overcome any worries and anxiety. As a parent it is so good to see my daughter back to her usual self. I can’t thank Pauline enough, she is a very patient and caring lady. I would highly recommend Pauline / North Star Coaching 4 U”

Mum of a 15 year old daughter


” Pauline is a warm and welcoming person who I felt at ease with instantly. My main issues revolve around low self esteem, confidence issues, people pleasing and struggling with imposter syndrome. Pauline helped me find ways to cope and alter my thought processes in order to get it under control and put my energy into my life and career ambitions without fear. I would highly recommend North Star Coaching 4U to anyone who may need guidance and help to battle confidence  issues and fears in order to achieve their goals. The bonus is that Pauline is a beautiful person who really cares about her clients”

40 year old female.


“On our first session Pauline and I discussed what it was in life that made me feel sad, worried and anxious. Together we explored why I felt the way I did, what action I could take in relation to these issues and acknowledged what was out with my control. As well as putting things into perspective and teaching me techniques to combat my anxiety we also worked on my self-esteem. I feel as if Pauline has lifted me out of a slump and every session leaves me feeling more positive. I cannot thank Pauline enough for taking the time to help me. I have never came across anyone so caring, warm, gifted and deserving of praise. I am so grateful to of met Pauline.”

43 year old female.


“Pauline is an amazing, caring and awesome lady. My son had a couple of sessions with her before Christmas and it has helped him in so many ways. Would absolutely highly recommend her. My son says ” Pauline gave me lots of fun strategies and fun ways to deal with my problems. She boosted my confidence and she’s really nice and fun””

Mum of 12 year old boy.


“My daughter is 12 years old and has met with Pauline a few times. I cannot express the difference we have seen in this space of time. My daughter has always struggled socially, been extremely anxious in new or different situations and has of late become progressively worse. I have asked and latterly almost begged her primary school for help to no avail because she has never shown signs of learning disabilities the school would not help her or offer any support. We were literally at our wits end with a child who wouldn’t sleep, change her clothes or talk to anyone whom she didn’t know. 

Then we spoke to Pauline. Right from the very first conversation she listened to me and understood and recognised my concerns about my daughter, she told me of strategies that may help her and we set up a first meeting. As soon as my daughter met Pauline she was at total ease and talked to her like she would talk to me, she had total trust in her and knew Pauline was not judging the way she felt. Pauline got to the root of the problem and where we believe my daughters anxieties truly began and taught her physical and mental skills she could use to keep her calm and help rationalise her thoughts. My daughter kept a strict routine which she would not let us change and the contents of her bedroom were not allowed to be moved or changed. Since seeing Pauline my daughter has made new friends as she has belief in herself, she goes to sleep at reasonable hour with the relaxing, manageable routine Pauline has helped her put in place. I was totally elated when my daughter let us ‘hide’ certain objects from her bedroom that haven’t been moved in over 6 months because she now realises it’s ok for things to change. 

We cannot thank or recommend Pauline highly enough she has really helped us at a time where my daughter and myself were feeling quite lost and I know we can turn to her for help or advise and she will be there. My daughter still has a way to go but now she has the self belief and courage, she is back in control and will achieve everything we hoped she would. Kindest regards..”

Mum of 12 year old girl.


“I sought Pauline’s help for my 5 year old who was suffering with anxiety. My son warmed to Pauline immediately and found being in her company comforting. She adapted her language and techniques for engaging with a 5 year old and very quickly was able to draw from him the cause of the anxiety. Pauline then put into practice some tools to overcome the anxiety and explained how to continue them out with the sessions. My son has improved so much in such a short space of time and Pauline’s help has been invaluable”

Mummy of 5 year old boy.


“My thirteen year old daughter had sessions with Pauline, prior to this she was very shy and was struggling socially at school. She is also autistic and finds any new experience very difficult but straight away Pauline put her at ease, she is very warm, welcoming and friendly. My daughter felt comfortable straight away and thoroughly enjoyed her sessions. Since seeing Pauline my daughter is thinking much more positive, she is now speaking up in class (something she would have dreaded before) and is also planning to join school clubs. She now has a better understanding of how to deal with social situations and the sessions have helped her see the importance of engaging with her peers and contributing to meaningful class discussions when she wants to rather than holding back. The methods that Pauline has taught her will help her continue to grow in confidence.

My ten year old daughter went to see Pauline to help build her confidence. She is now feeling much more positive and now has the tools in place to deal with different situations.

I would 100% recommend Pauline”

Mum of 13 & 10 year old girls.


 “I have struggled with perfectionism from childhood and I was addicted to self improvement. I mean ‘who’s gonna love me if I’m not perfect’! These were my unhealthy beliefs and it had made me controlling and held me back from many things, it was also starting to impact my relationship. When Pauline explained that she could help me get to the core of what was causing this, I jumped at the chance.

Pauline is the most loving soul and has a very caring and gentle energy. I felt at ease and very safe to explore these feelings with her. We managed to get to the root cause of these feelings and where they came from and it was enlightening! Not to mention a bit emotional but I felt so safe to release it.

I have since felt a lightness that I haven’t felt in a very long time and can now say that I love and accept all parts of myself, even on the more challenging days”

45 year old female.


“Pauline, just wanted to say a million thank you’s for the time you spent with me to help my anxiety. After suffering in silence for many years, not knowing that anxiety was an actual ‘thing’. I cannot thank you enough for how much your coaching has helped me.  From the minute I sat down I felt at ease. You are very, very easy to open up to and your amazing positive strength to help me out has changed my life. I can honestly say that I feel like the permanent knot in my stomach has gone and I don’t think it will be back due to my anchor. As I said before thank you and I’d 110% recommend you to anyone who needs help”

44 year old female. 


“Being the kind of person that takes on everyone’s troubles or worries around me was making me stressed and angry. I was told of Pauline’s work and went to see her. Wow is all I can say, she helped me open my eyes to see the weight I was carrying around that was holding me back. With Pauline’s help and techniques she helped me see that things don’t have to be so heavy to carry. I can’t fix the world but I can see it in a different light. 

I looked forward to our sessions as after every one I could see myself becoming less stressed and I feel free of the worries I was putting on myself and I now deal with situations much better. Thank you Pauline you are truly gifted”

49 year old female.


“Insecurities, fear, zero confidence, low self-esteem and scars of the past… I had them all.  I came from a difficult childhood and the scars followed me through life from relationship to workplace. It’s not an easy topic but it’s things we live with every day, not knowing who to talk to or what to do. 

As a professional male working in an important role, looking after a workforce, equipment and deadlines to meet, being the front runner and having responsibility’s how could this be? Tiger on the outside, kitten on the inside. It took its toll and I finally decided to do something about it. 

When talking to a good friend one day they suggested talking to someone professional. I was very sceptical and unsure but decided to give it a go. I was put in touch with Pauline and well all I can say is I’m so glad I did. I was very nervous when I first went along but after meeting Pauline I instantly felt at ease. I found her very easy to talk to and very calming. I felt safe and secure with her. I must say truly amazing. 

From then on my life has been totally different. This is no magic wand, no harry potter spells just the positive energy and power of thought with the tools you are given throughout the coaching. These help you to deal with difficult situations and emotions we encounter in our daily lives either at work or home. 

These sessions with Pauline at North Star Coaching has given me back confidence, self-worth, self esteem and definitely changed my life for the better. I am now able to deal with situations with ease and make better choices”

51 year old male.